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Mandhu College - About Us

Mandhu College was established in 1998 by its founder, Ibrahim Ismail. As one of the most distinguished educators in the country, Ibrahim brought his knowledge and vast experience to the College. In his work in various capacities in the education system, he realized that there were a great number of students completing secondary school in the Maldives who could not access further education due to financial constraints, lack of available places in the government institutes or due to poor performance at secondary school exams.


He then set out to establish this institution, mainly to provide opportunities for those children who were missing out. In the past 15 years, his dream has been realized to a great extent. Thousands of children have pursued different courses at the College, and are now productive people in the community. Among the many notable contributions of Mandhu College, one which stands out is that the College has produced over 600 primary and secondary school teachers.

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