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International Partnerships

Mandhu College works closely with other universities and institutions worldwide to enhance the opportunities available to our students. Mandhu College has strong alliance with overseas universities, the industry, not-for profit and international organizations which enables student exchange programs.

Mandhu College has academic collaborations with Universities from Singapore, Malaysia, China, India, New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom. These collaborations have led to knowledge sharing between the institutes worldwide from a wide range of subject areas. Many of the above mentioned institutes assists Mandhu College in staff development and academic collaborations. These collaborations also have provided Mandhu College to share the experience of delivering higher education with professionals abroad, while at the same time continuing to learn and grow. 

Exchange and study abroad programs have also been facilitated by Mandhu College in partnership with these Universities which had led to development of high quality research relating to the research interests of Schools of Mandhu College. Furthermore, on many occasions, the collaborative Universities and colleges have extended their support through staff and student mobility programs, where they reside in Maldives and conduct various workshops and seminars to the Students of Mandhu College.  

Furthermore, having extensive collaborations with academic institutions worldwide has led us to access to international networks and expertise, while at the same time enhancing global and developmental perspectives. In addition to this, frequent sharing of knowledge has also helped Mandhu College students and staffs to enjoy a cosmopolitan virtual environment.

Progression Partnerships

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