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University Preparation Program

University Preparatory Programme

Those who do not meet the general entry criteria are required to do this short program. The program is designed to provide a pathway into degree programs for students who return to higher education with relevant work experience after their formal secondary education or those who have acquired level 4 qualification unrelated to the degree they intend to pursue.


Duration: 1 semester


Areas covered include:

English for academic purposes


Academic writing and Study Skills

Numeracy 2


Registration:                         MVR 1000 (one-time payment)

Installments (monthly)           MVR 3,500 x 1 (1st payment)

                                           MRV 2,500 x 5

Student Finance Scheme

Pre-Master’s Program

This course provides a pathway into Master’s degree, for students who return to higher education with relevant work experience after their Diploma (MNQF level 5 qualification) or Associate Degree (MNQF level 6 qualification). The course is also designed to develop the necessary skills in students, for engaging in a Master’s degree program.

Course Information

Department General Studies Department (GSD)
MNQF Level 7
Intakes Jan, May
Offering Male' Campus, Virtual Campus
Modules Covered

English for academic purposes
Study Skills and ICT
Introduction to Business (for those who wish to pursue MBA)
Education (for those who wish to pursue ME.d)

Course Fee

First Installment (per semester) MVR 3,500 x 1
Monthly Payment  MVR 2,500 x 5

Student Finance Scheme

Celebrating Two years of successful Virtual Learning

Mandhu College is the one and only academic institute of its kind that had initiated to provide easy access educational model to the people of this tiny scattered island nation. Today we celebrate two years of successful virtual learning.

Aspiring students can reach to their heights from their home islands in a more economical and trouble free manner. During the two years of virtual learning the college had accommodated over 1000’s of students from over 180 islands from a total of 20 atolls.

The joint programme with one of the leading telecommunication company, Ooredoo is committed to advance, enhance and expand the programme to reach the most disadvantage populations of the country.

The college aims to excel the quality of education and reach the most unreachable. As we celebrate the success of virtual learning it is a privilege that the community benefitted and realized the importance and need of such an education system.

Mandhu College takes pride in providing learning opportunities nationwide, while enjoying a reputation for quality teaching and learning. Virtual modality of learning has helped several individuals who reside in outer islands to continue their further learning while carrying out their working obligations and family commitments.

Mandhu College aims to expand its avenues to craft a creative learning environment appropriate for 21st century that will provide impactful learning opportunities nationwide. The success of this programme is noteworthy thus the highly potential team working behind makes every effort to minimize the obstacles and challenges of everyday.

Virtual Campus FAQ

1. How does Virtual Campus program work?

This program allows you to learn from anywhere you are. The need to come to Male’ will be unnecessary. Teachers and students interact regularly through email, voice mail, telephone conversations, and instant messenger and video conferencing.

2. Is the quality of virtual courses the same as campus-based courses?

Yes. Virtual classes are held to the same standard as our campus-based courses, and are taught by the same lecturers teaching at Mandhu College. Discussion boards and interactive tools help students feel they are a part of a dynamic learning experience, just as in a traditional campus-based classroom. You will be studying in the same classes as your counterparts on campus.

3. Do I have to come to Male’ and visit Mandhu College campus frequently?

No, you would be asked to visit the Mandhu College campus for the orientation only, which is usually held on a weekend. You will take a pre-course live session to familiarize with the course and will be briefed on the basic procedures to follow. An exception to this requirement is participation in Diploma in Teaching (Primary and Middle School) programme where students will be required to come to Male’ for the final semester.

4. What do I need to get started in Mandhu College Virtual Campus?

Computer or a laptop will be required to login to the Virtual Campus.

5. Do I need special software to participate?

No. Mandhu College Virtual Program runs on both Mac and Windows operating systems. The software needed to access the college portal will be provided by the College.

6. Do I need special equipment to participate?

Yes. You will need a dongle, a webcam and a headset. All this equipment will be provided to all students, free of charge. This is required so you can listen to the instructor and other students and speak to them as well, and to connect to the College Portal.

7. How do I Enrol in Virtual Campus?

Fill the application form online and attach the scanned certificate copies (attested and accredited) and submit it through the website. Alternatively, you can download the application form (from or collect from the College counter in Male’, and submit it to the College.

8. What courses are currently available for enrollment?

All courses offered by Mandhu College are available on the virtual campus. Click here for the list of available courses.

9. What computer skills do students need?

Students should possess a basic understanding of computer as well as the internet. Students should be familiar with basic computer features and email communications. These will be covered in the orientation session as well.

10. Do I have to come to Male’ for examinations?

Those students residing in Male’ and Male’ atoll will be doing exams in Male’. There are 19+ exam centres throughout the Maldives, at least one in each atoll. Hence, students can register in an exam centre of their choice for their examinations.

For students who have extenuating circumstances, special arrangements to do examinations in their own island can be made provided the student is prepared to meet the additional costs.

11. What is the attendance policy for Mandhu College Virtual Classroom Campus?

Just as with any traditional classroom, students are expected to maintain regular attendance to all sessions to receive course credit. Students who do not maintain an 80% average in attendance may not be eligible for final examinations. Some modules require 100% attendance.

12. How are course materials provided?

All course materials are provided online for download to your computer or for printing. Course materials are available in the student portal. As soon as you receive your email from the College with your log-in information and password you will be able to access the student portal.

13. What hours of the day are scheduled for classes?

To provide you the greatest flexibility most classes will be offered in the evenings. A scheduled time table will be given prior to the commencement of the semester.

14. Do students get actual live lectures?

Yes. You will be connected to the actual classroom of Mandhu College.

15. How are assignments completed/ submitted?

Students must submit their assignments via the College Portal. Lectures will be marking the assignments and giving each student the feedback and marks through the College portal, or during sessions.

16. How do I pay fees to the College?

Fees can be paid either at Mandhu College Male’ campus, or through internet banking facilities, directly to the College account held with the Bank of Maldives.

We hope you have found all the information you need. If we haven't answered your questions or if you would like further information, please contact 3330055, or email to info.virtual(@)

Student Finance Scheme

Reasons to Choose Mandhu College Virtual Campus

Why choose Mandhu College Virtual Campus

  1. Real-time live online courses: We are the one and only College in Maldives that offer live-stream lectures in any distance learning programs.

  2. You choose from a number of courses!

  3. All the courses are nationally accredited (MQA approved) and recognized internationally.

  4. You can significantly reduce travel costs and decrease time away from job and family.

  5. We provide dedicated student support, whenever you need it.

  6. You study the same course material, and have access to the same level of lecturers support as the students enrolled in the Male’ campus.

  7. All of our course lecturers are experienced professionals in their field.

  8. It's discreet: Not everybody feels comfortable learning in a large group, especially if they find something hard to understand that co-students have no problem with. Mandhu Virtual Campus allows each individual to tackle the subject at their own pace, with interactive tasks being set in place to ensure a thorough understanding throughout each module.

  9. It's cost effective and saves time: By reducing the time taken away from the office, removing travel costs and doing away with printed materials, online learning helps you to save money and increase workplace productivity, at the same time manage work-life balance while studying.




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